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Studies: A Child’s Belief in Fantasy Requires A Nimble Mind

When my six- and four-year-old show irrational fears — say of getting a cup of water at night or that the neighbor’s dog is in fact Gmork from The NeverEnding Story – I yell, “Look out for ducks!” This is because … Continue reading

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GeekDad Puzzle of the Week: Old Maid

Every other week, I write the GeekDad puzzle at WIRED. Here’s this week’s entry! There are games that are fairly basic like chess, Othello and mahjong. And then there’s Old Maid. At my house, we’ve been playing some serious Maid … Continue reading

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Redesign, Spring Cleaning & the Best of the Old Blog

Wow, that redesign took WAAAAAY too long. In any case, I thought the coincidence of redesign launch (in progress) with the first day of Spring was the perfect time to condense the archive — i.e. for some kick-butt spring cleaning. … Continue reading

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