Science Writing Panel…and BEER!

WynkoopJoin me at Wynkoop Brewery in Denver on Tuesday, June 4 @ 6:00pm for a presentation and Q&A on science writing. I’ll be drinking with…er, answering questions with Susan Moran (bio), Hillary Rosner (bio) and Kendall Powell (bio), authors of The Science Writers’ Handbook. Said folderol is part of the Café Scientifique series, which requires typing a complicated keystroke to properly commit to print and is described in depth here.

Kendall writes at her much more comprehensive description of this event at her site, “Whether you are a grad student looking to break into a writing career, a scientist who blogs, or simply a word nerd and science geek at heart, come join us at Wynkoop Brewing Company in Lower Downtown Denver (1634 18th Street, Denver, CO 80202, just across from Union Station) on Tuesday June 4th from 6:30-8pm.”

I’m happy to chat about the experience of interviewing over 130 MacArthur, Nobel and National Medal of Science winners while sitting next to the lawnmower in the garden shed that is my office. Or I’m happy to wax poetic about the unexpected plusses of my 1970s electric lawnmower.

In other words, join me and the Science Writer’s Handbook folks for a heckuva fun night, and maybe also some discussion of science writing.

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