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Study: Does the Pill Influence Mate Choice and Relationship Satisfaction?

Hormonal contraception including the pill regulates estrogen and/or progestin levels to control the ovulation cycle. And a long line of research shows that hormone levels in turn influence mate preference — choosing a good mom/dad over a sexy alternative depends … Continue reading

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Study in Intelligence: Downloadable Game Tests Complex Problem Solving

My editor’s gonna kill me: we just finalized the manuscript of my new book, BEYOND IQ, in which I interviewed top intelligence researchers about how to train skills like wisdom and willpower and problem solving that matter in the real … Continue reading

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Girls, Math and Stereotype Threat: Study Shows Early Expectations and How to Debias Them

We went for a hike near Aspen last weekend and hiking means Math Quiz. It’s a game I play with my kids, especially with my 5yo daughter, Kestrel. We hike and I ask her things like, “If there are eight … Continue reading

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