As Labrador Owner, 5 Scientific Studies I Am Uniquely Qualified to Write


No animals were harmed in the course of research. Yet.

1. Discrepancies in Conceptualization of ‘Night’ Between Adult Companions and Young, Circadian-Challenged Pet Animals

2. Use of ‘Target’ Bag as Barrier During Removal of Transverse Object From the Dog Rectum

3. The Role of Parent-School Communication in Allaying Fears of Abuse Due to Pediatric Arm and Hand Scarring in Light of Repeated Pet Animal Attacks

4. How Human Perceptions of ‘Cuteness’ in Young Animals Elicit Care-Taking Rather Than Coyote-Leaving Behaviors in a Small Sample of Sleep-Deprived Adults

5. Onset and Severity of Frostbite Due to >90% Skin Exposure During Nocturnal Pursuit of Pet Animals in Sub-Freezing Temperatures

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