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What Calvin’s Dad Knows About Explaining Science to Kids

Gary Larson tapped into the universal absurd. Charles Schulz helped us identify with the underdog in us all. And Bill Watterson accurately represented a father’s profound and boundless knowledge of the universe, as in Calvin’s dad’s explanation that ice floats … Continue reading

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New Kind of Reward Leads to Intrinsic Motivation (Or “How to Trick a Child Into Playing the Violin”)

I would like for my son, Leif, to play the violin. I’m a serious ex music geek and so in addition to pegging me as an abhorrent tiger parent intent on thrusting my offspring into the one-percent where they can … Continue reading

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Personality and Brain Structure Work Together to Grow Creativity

What does creative thought look like in the brain? With the willing brains of creative people and tools like fMRI that can look inside these brains in real-time, you’d think it would an easy question to answer. The problem is, … Continue reading

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Study: Music Prodigies Beat Math Prodigies at Numbers and Art Prodigies are Awful at Shapes

At age six, Mozart performed at the court of the Prince-elect Maximilian II of Bavaria. At age eight, Joy Foster represented Jamaica in table tennis at the Caribbean championships in Trinidad. What do the brains of these two child prodigies … Continue reading

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