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Persistence and Flexibility: A Dual Path to Creativity

If you think broadly enough, you will inevitably happen upon good ideas even among the bad ones. If you think deeply enough, you will eventually dig through mundane ideas and into original ones below. Continue reading

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Study Shows We “Undervalue and Underutilize” Persistence in Creativity

“This research demonstrates that persistence is a critical determinant of creative performance and that people may undervalue and underutilize persistence in everyday creative problem solving,” write Northwestern researchers. Continue reading

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New Kind of Reward Leads to Intrinsic Motivation (Or “How to Trick a Child Into Playing the Violin”)

I would like for my son, Leif, to play the violin. I’m a serious ex music geek and so in addition to pegging me as an abhorrent tiger parent intent on thrusting my offspring into the one-percent where they can … Continue reading

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